Kingsettle Hill

4. Kingsettle Hill, Nr Bruton  beer3

You can see this one coming from miles away. King Alfred’s Tower sits at the top of Kingsettle Hill and gives an obvious goal for this climb.
When it was built the Tower’s 3 corners sat in different counties, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset and marks the place King Alfred rallied his troops before beating the Danes at the Battle of Edington in 878 ad.
So what about your own little battle? The Strava segment gives a length of 2.3km at an average of  6%. The first 1.5km however don’t really get much above 3%, save your ammo for the steep wooded section. The Tower acts as a good target as the climb proper starts to ramp up. You quickly hits sections between 15-20% the good news is where the gradient slackens off slightly you get a bit of relief, the bad news is the road is pretty narrow so straight up (no zig-zagging!) which will force you out of the saddle before you grind to a halt. Fortunately the climb, though steep, is relatively short and in no time you are passing the Tower.
King-Alfreds-Tower               Kingsettle hill


Kingsettle Hill map

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